A summary of 2018 

We believe in living spaces that are a comprehensive reflection of the people who live in it. Where everything looks the way you meant it to, functions the way you want it to, and just makes you feel happy – without costing a lot. That’s why we’ve filled this section with an overview of all the furniture we made in the last two years, from home decoration ideas to designing tips to provide inspiration for making your home cosier. So, you’ll have all you need for making a home that you love calling your own.

Corner Bookcase

Bigger is better? Well it sure turned out as a large corner bookcase. With shaker style base units. This one is finished in grey white with a white oak veneer top.

Cherry-wood vanity unit.

Vanity unit designed and fitted around existing wash hand basin last week. Finished in cherry-wood.

Corner seating booth

A project in progress. The corner seating booth was fitted recently. A matching extendable kitchen table will be added to complete this beautiful set.

Update: 3 new pictures, now completed with matching extendable dining table.

Bubble Shelves

Custom designed shelving unit completed. We are now taking orders for January 2017 for these uniquely designer shelves.

Living room units 

On special request we made these lovely living room TV/sideboard units. Two nice little units 60’s inspired with modern finish. With a matching retro coffee table.
​BM Custom Furniture welcomes customer to challenge our carpenters and come up with new designs, or like in this case, trust us to design it for you

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