Bespoke TV Units

Technology has seen the TV turn from a large bulky box into a slim sleek screen that hangs on your wall or sits on a cabinet. With the design of the TV radically changed in the last decade, so has the possibilities in terms of designing a Tv unit or a total entertainment unit. Traditionally we would have had to design a TV unit that was deep enough to sit a bulky TV on top. However today a TV is generally seen as a focal point in a room and is not always but commonly positioned on a feature wall. For this reason, Is the first thing that people will see when they enter a room.

Before deciding on what style of TV Cabinet you would like, it's important to think about what you want to achieve as the result. This will help you to understand what kind of layout and shelving is required. It will also help to understand what kind of storage you need whether it's a large amount of cupboard space or pull out drawers.

Why choose a bespoke TV unit?

Storage space and display cabinet
Whatever your requirements, bespoke TV cabinets can be designed and made with any type of storage space needed. This includes cupboards, drawers, bookcases or display shelving or wine racks. The storage space can help to hide the children's toys and clutter while displaying all your treasured items on the shelves.

Clears space in your living room
Ready-Made TV units can be large and bulky in order to support the maximum size of television available. This takes up valuable floor space and are not designed or built to hide wires or house such items like TV Boxes or consoles. Custom made TV unit can be built into awkward spaces, to solely support the TV or as an entire wall unit with all wires hidden.

Endless designs and styles to choose from
The beauty of choosing bespoke is that you don't have to be limited by only choosing from what's available but have the ability to design the entire unit based on your own style, size requirements and preferred colour and material. Your bespoke TV unit can be built to match current living room furniture with ease.

They are aesthetically Stunning
Shown here are just a cross-section of our work and the quality and unrivalled craftsmanship that goes into every cabinet we create speaks for itself. With an extensive portfolio, it's easy to see why you would choose us to design and create one of the most stand out pieces of furniture in your home. 

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Talk to us today and together we can design and produce a one of a kind piece of furniture that is unique to you and your home. 

Why BM Custom Furniture?
This is what our customer think about our bespoke TV Units: 

Jennifer from Malahide

''Extremely happy with both the service and design of the furniture that Barry made for me. Highly recommend this company!!!!!!!!!!''

Russell lives in Malahide

''Barry was excellent. We got a floating TV cabinet, under stairs shelving, radiator covers & bookshelf all done. We had some specific ideas we wanted and Barry delivered on all of them. Great workmanship & great price. We will be using him again'

Olivia lives in Kilcullen

''Absolutely delighted. Extremely professional and will be ordering again. Thank you''

Benefits of custom made furniture 

Most of us want our home to be well-decorated with some unique furniture design. When it comes to the interior design of your home, it’s important to choose each item with care so that it blends in with the overall design of the room. Everyone has their own unique ideas about design and style. Therefore, many people choose custom made furniture as the possibilities of design styles, features, colours and textures are endless. This allows you, the customer, to design something that speaks to you, functions for your individual requirements and most importantly, allowing your personality to shine through.  

Here are 3 of the main benefits for choosing us to create your custom made furniture.

Unique range of furniture : Custom-made furniture is something you can play around with the design. We can help you design furniture according to your needs, requirements, preferences and style.

Quality : We use the highest quality materials available on the market. Materials we use include certified hidrfugo, moisture resistant MDF, furniture grade plywood, veneers and solid woods
If you want your furniture to stay intact for years, then quality materials are a must. Ready-furniture is usually made of inferior quality material to cut down the price. With our custom-made furniture, you get that high-quality furniture you are looking for which has been hand made and constructed by a highly skilled craftsman, leaving you with a sturdy, high quality product.

Storage and Size : Custom-made furniture is just perfect if you are looking for storage space in either small apartments very large rooms or awkward spaces such as under your stairs. We help you design them in such a manner so that they maximize on storage. There may be an empty wall or corner of the room where ready-furniture pieces are either small or just too big to fit. These are times when bespoke furniture comes to the rescue. Since we can make anything in any size, your commissioned piece of made to measure furniture will look great anywhere. 

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With more and more people choosing to entertain at home, why not centre all of your entertainment in one area? We will design a complete media storage solution for your home, including built-in TV storage and seating with surround sound, or just a simple TV cabinet. No more unsightly cables and awkward seating when you choose a Noel Dempsey custom built living room media unit When picturing your home try to think about one of the most frequently used pieces of technology for everyday relaxation. It’s the TV of course and TV units accommodating storage and comfort. If you think about it, it has been one the most consistent pieces of technology in almost every household for decades. It is them we use to place a TV so we can keep up with current affairs and to switch off after a long day. When it comes to making the area practical and comfortable, we come to think of installing a stand for your television to change the room to suit our aesthetics and lifestyle. Before diving into the overall look of TV units think about what you want to achieve as your end result. It will help you understand what sort of shelving you need and how many cupboards or pull out drawers will be necessary. If you’ve ever designed a piece of storage furniture such as a walk in wardrobe you’ll know how important it is to think of the layout of the storage first. For example, if you want to maximize the use of the space by having your children play in the same room as you watching the TV, you’ll need to address the storage area for the toys inside of the TV unit. A TV is most commonly positioned on a feature wall of the room which means that it is the first thing you will see when entering it. Let’s explore how TV units can combine aesthetics and functionality based on your room layout and its purpose. Why Custom Made? Highest quality materials (certified hidrofugo® moisture resistant MDF, plywood, veneers and solid woods) yes Highest quality finish (PU spray painting in any colour and finish, or staining and lacquering service) yes An amazing designer that will work with you step by step yes Specialist team with 80+ years of combined experience yes Perfect assembly every time yes Every room has a corner or a nook that makes it difficult to work with when installing TV units Ireland. Some rooms have alcoves that aren’t symmetrical, walls that are at a slight angle or windows that are super wide taking up the entire wall. The best part about built in TV units in Ireland is that you can go down the route where you design your own custom made version of it to suit any imperfection of the room. Nowadays TVs have become a proud possession in a household, so let’s dive into making TV cabinets a part of the stylish and cohesive design in a room: Dark Feature Wall One of the most popular trends right now is the dark blue colour. This colour helps to make your units look contemporary and stylish. Bookcase Designing your TV units Ireland with a bookcase around the TV will make the room look more sophisticated and elegant combining classical and modern styles. Furniture Background When the furniture is installed you can paint its background or the entire set in a darker colour. This concept helps to integrate the TV into the entire room without it being the centre of attention. Artwork Hanging artwork around a TV draws the attention away from it. It is one of the most simple and creative ways to integrate a TV with wall furniture into the interior decor adding a lot of personal character to the design of the room. Follow this article for a more detailed example on how to decorate your living room with artwork. Built-in TV Units Since a TV room is an area where you spend a lot of time to recharge why not create built in TV units and put your passions on show with open shelving. Photos, pictures and collection sets can be a beautiful display area creating a truly unique and a tasteful feel in the room. With built in television furniture, similar to built in wardrobes, you can light up the shelves with LED lights for a more dramatic and modern effect making sure your items stand out when the lights are dimmed. One of the most popular fitted units is the one that is installed in the alcoves. The alcoves are normally formed as recesses from a fireplace and they become redundant due to their unusual sizes. It is a simple and a beautiful way to add custom made storage and find a space for your TV. The bottom line is to have fun decorating a living space whether it is small or big. You’ll find that you’re happier and more satisfied in a space when items have their own place. There are different routes you can go about creating a built in TV unit and as a company that designs exceptional custom made furniture, we are happy to welcome you in to transform your space into something beautiful and unique! Living Room Furniture Ideas Small living rooms are one of the most challenging spaces to furnish. The challenge lies in how to make a small area comfortable, relaxing, inspiring and practical. Let’s explore the easiest living room furniture ideas that you can implement to make your life easier. Firstly you’ve got to understand that clutter is not allowed in a small room! This is why you need well thought out TV units. The best option in this particular situation is to work with a designer. They will help you with the outside aesthetics and the layout of the storage space inside of it. When it comes to living room furniture ideas think about using light colours for the furniture in small places proves to be the easiest way to make the space look visually bigger. Sometimes dark colours can also have an expanding visual effect. However, they are trickier to choose for a small room, so get advice from an experienced designer before you do that. Mirrors and reflective surfaces in a small room help to make it look bigger and brighter. Everything that has an ability to bounce the light back into the room will help it seem visually brighter. You’ll also notice that shiny surfaces have a tendency to make the place look clean, sleek and modern. Lastly, to achieve a clutter free living room the idea is to brighten up the space and make sure that your windows have a plain design with lots of natural light coming into the room. Try choosing light curtains over blackouts. TV Stands for Storage Let’s talk about kids. Did you ever notice that whenever you spend quality time watching TV with your family, kids aren’t the most patient participants in this activity. If you want to watch the show that you want, kids need to be occupied with something else. One of the best ways to entertain them while watching TV is to design a play area in the same room and you will most definitely need extra TV stands for storage. Create open storage in your tv stands for your kids to store their toys away. Think of all those times in toy shops when your child is begging you to buy a toy. The only thing you’re thinking about in that moment is that they already have at least 5 duplicates of the same thing at home. This is because kids need to see their toys in order for them to use them. To make sure kids can see their toys you can install open storage or baskets underneath floating TV units. Floating units are becoming more popular because they suit both large and small spaces. The fact that a floating unit is not touching the floor, it automatically makes the place look bigger. This is where the baskets for the toys come into play. A floating unit is an amazing solution for when the kids grow out of their toys. You don’t have to rearrange your storage, you can just remove the baskets from underneath the units or repurpose them for other nick naks. Furniture that is easily convertible to suit a family’s lifestyle will be worth the investment to last a lifetime. alcove units ikea built in tv corner units built in alcove units cork alcove units galway built in units for living room limerick cost of alcove units We design, make and install bespoke Alcove units, Bookcases, Tv cabinets to suit your home. Our TV Units come in a massive range of colours and materials with a huge array of styles available. Every individual and home can be catered for, whether looking for a single piece for a minimalistic look or to create a vast bookcase with integrated lights. We listen very closely to what you want to achieve in your living room and create bespoke TV Unit compositions to make your dream a reality. Classical Contemporary finished Farrow Ball hand painted finishes Choice of handles or handle less push open catches Choice of mouldings, cornices and skirting boards Choice of door finishes: shaker, raised panel, gloss or satin finish Please browse the sections below to see some of the beautiful lounge furniture that we can offer and Contact Us if you’d like to discuss your needs with one of our designers. Our products are designed to fit in with the style of your property, whether traditional or contemporary. Our aim is to create alcove units and fittings that will not only blend in with your surroundings, but also enhance your enjoyment of them. We will first discuss your specific requirements with you and our design team will provide computer visualized images to allow you to see what your alcove furniture will look like when fitted. We also want you to be entirely delighted with the plans, so you will have the opportunity to request any changes, once they have been drawn up. Traditional style with adjustable shelving or modern minimal with ‘floating’ shelves these units can be created to blend perfectly with your home. Clients often say they look like they’ve always been there. We specialize in the design and installation of custom-made alcove cupboards, kitchens and wardrobes, for any room in residential or commercial property. We create bespoke, fitted furniture, wherever extra storage space is needed. We believe form and functionality come together in good design and we provide a bespoke end to end service, working with you from the beginning of a project to completion, to ensure you are totally happy with the end result. Alcove Cabinets, Bespoke TV Cabinets Units – AD BM Custom Furniture Dublin If you are in need of Alcove furniture including TV cabinets and custom TV units in Dublin, contact us at A.D BM Custom Furniture. Bring that unused space to life with our bespoke Alcove cabinets and floating shelves. Our Alcove units, floating shelves and bespoke TV cabinets bring style and a neat finish to any room and offer the opportunity for extra storage. They can also be used as an entertainment unit, the perfect way to frame your TV and hide those unsightly wires and digital boxes! Our Alcove furniture, including Alcove cabinets, bespoke TV cabinets and built in TV units can be designed to match your exact requirements in any design and colour. We are excited to introduce our new range of lit Alcove cabinets using sleek L.E.D lighting to bring beautiful warmth and elegance to your room. Our lighting comes in a range of colours to suit your personal preferences. Alcove Furniture Possibilities Traditionally, Alcove furniture is expected on either side of a fireplace, thereby giving extra storage to parts of a room that would otherwise lie unused. However, there are many places where Alcove furniture can be also be installed that you may not have thought of. What about unusually shaped recesses in the kitchen, or possibly an odd nook in a bathroom? Do you have an unused gap under the stairs, or awkward areas caused by extensions and renovations? All of these can be brought back in to use by adding some attractive bespoke furniture, and everyone can benefit by the addition of extra storage. Nobody is ever content with the number of cupboards and shelves they have; there will always be a use found for more units where you can tidy away your possessions in order to keep the rest of your rooms looking pristine. Reasons for Alcove Furniture There are many reasons for creating new alcove furniture. You may want to hide radiators or ugly pipes behind radiator covers, or have the use of additional storage units in areas that otherwise would not be used effectively. Many people choose Alcove furniture as built in TV units with shelving and spaces surrounding the TV itself, useful for storing any CDs, DVDs, game consoles or other entertainment systems. It doesn’t matter what the reason is, the result of our work will be a beautifully crafted and useful piece of furniture that will enhance the look of your room. Types of Furniture Available Your choice of Alcove units and TV cabinets doesn’t have to be of classic design either, although we can accommodate this as well. If your home is more contemporary, we can supply bespoke Alcove furniture to suit. This could be in the form of slick and clean floating shelves, or modern-look cabinets, built in TV units or bespoke bookcases. Whatever type of decor your home has, we can develop custom-made solutions that will fit in perfectly to supplement your design choices.

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