Wall Panelling

We are Dublin's furniture specialists. Wall panelling can last for decades if created and installed correctly. We use high quality, moisture resistant Fibrapan hidrofugo to create wall panelling. FIBRAPAN HIDROFUGO - moisture resistant 3 layer MDF, made with selected medium-density wood fibres (MDF), bonded together with synthetic resins under pressure at high temperature

A Brief History of Wall panelling Ireland
Traditionally, wall panelling was designed for functionality rather than style. Before insulation and central heating, stone buildings were cold and damp and wooden wall panelling was designed to make a room more comfortable to live by providing insulation. Today in Ireland, wall panelling has become extremely popular for its aesthetic quality.

Why Choose wall panelling?
Wall panelling is available in a wide range of colours and dimensions and it wouldn't look out of place in virtually any room in your home. If you're not sure whether to use wood panelling for your house, you should look at the benefits it offers.

Easy Installation
When it comes to wall panelling, installation can be quicker and less fuss then you might think. A typical hall stairs and landing can be fitted with picture frame wall panelling within one day and a bathroom fitted with tongue and groove in the same time frame.

Better Durable

Wall panelling requires minimal upkeep. Apart from this, they also protect the walls from everyday wear and tear, ensuring that your walls stay damage free.

Provides Insulation

As Wood is a natural insulator, installing wood panelling can offer both extra thermal and acoustic insulation. This can provide extra warmth during the winter and cooling during the summer. Apart from this, when combined with warm colours and fabrics, panelling can create an atmosphere of ambience and warmth 

Spruces up the Home Décor

Irish people are known to take great pride in the appearance of our homes. This is why one of the main reasons we choose wall panelling is that it increases the aesthetic value of our home. With wall panelling, the walls look rich and elegant. Decorative wall panelling offers a clean and smooth and surface that not only looks classy and stylish but also provides a pleasant view for the onlooker.

Some types of panelling we provide.

Decorating your home with wainscoting has become extremely popular and imparts an extra elegance to any room that you choose to install it in. The appearance of wainscot panelling can add charm and elegance to your home. Sown above are just a few design styles of wainscoting that are available. If you have a style in mind that we have not shown as an example, just send us a picture from Pinterest or any other source and we will do our best to help you achieve the panelling look you're looking for.

Tongue and Groove panelling.

Tongue and groove panelling provide a charming element to any room, providing a warm atmosphere that can look modern and elegant if painted. However, if you're going for a more traditional log cabin look, simply staining or varnishing will achieve a more rustic style.

Picture Frame wall panelling

Don't tell anyone but a lot of the fancy woodwork you see in old houses is nothing more than mock panelling. This is simple moulding combined to mimic ornate profiles. This first came into fashion in the 1700s when plaster walls first came into vogue. Mock panelling, or more commonly know today as picture frame panelling gives the illusion of wood panelling. At a fraction of the cost of wainscoting, picture frame wall panelling can be installed quickly and after its painted, it looks great.

Shaker Style panelling (wainscoting)

Shaker style panelling is a flat and square angled style of wall panelling. This design is simplistic, clean and elegant. Because of its simplicity, this look can be interpreted as either modern or traditional depending on the surrounding decor. This looks great at any heights from a standard 90cm high to 2meters or even a grid feature wall. Paneled feature walls have really become in vogue lately and the possibilities in terms of design are endless!

Recessed Wall Paneled Wainscoting

We create recessed wall panelling by fitting mouldings into the recessed area to create a more traditional and classic look transforming your room into a gorgeous space in your home. 

Lighting Design

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Architectural Design

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Why BM Custom Furniture?
This is what our customer think about our bespoke alcove  units: 

Celine from Malahide

''Very prompt service and excellent workmanship by Barry. I would have no hesitation in recommending this company to family or friends! Thank you and continued success in the business. ''

Tony lives in Lucan

''We had Barry do some work for us and he did an excellent job….
He did some under stairs storage that worked out really well,
exactly what we wanted. He also did a great job on some panelling
around the house and some radiator covers.
A very professional job and very clean.
I would highly recommend Barry.''

Benefits of custom made furniture 

Most of us want our home to be well-decorated with some unique furniture design. When it comes to the interior design of your home, it’s important to choose each item with care so that it blends in with the overall design of the room. Everyone has their own unique ideas about design and style. Therefore, many people choose custom made furniture as the possibilities of design styles, features, colours and textures are endless. This allows you, the customer, to design something that speaks to you, functions for your individual requirements and most importantly, allowing your personality to shine through.  

Here are 3 of the main benefits for choosing us to create your custom made furniture.

Unique range of furniture: Custom-made furniture is something you can play around with the design. We can help you design furniture according to your needs, requirements, preferences and style.

Quality: We use the highest quality materials available on the market. Materials we use include certified hidrfugo, moisture resistant MDF, furniture grade plywood, veneers and solid woods
If you want your furniture to stay intact for years, then quality materials are a must. Ready-furniture is usually made of inferior quality material to cut down the price. With our custom-made furniture, you get that high-quality furniture you are looking for which has been hand made and constructed by a highly skilled craftsman, leaving you with a sturdy, high quality product.

Storage and Size : Custom-made furniture is just perfect if you are looking for storage space in either small apartments very large rooms or awkward spaces such as under your stairs. We help you design them in such a manner so that they maximize on storage. There may be an empty wall or corner of the room where ready-furniture pieces are either small or just too big to fit. These are times when bespoke furniture comes to the rescue. Since we can make anything in any size, your commissioned piece of made to measure furniture will look great anywhere. 

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It is an intricate and classic design, perfect for homeowners looking to achieve a traditional, refined look. Flat Style Wall panelling Flat is an older style of wall panelling. This design was popularised in the 18th century. It is the simplest of the designs we offer, but sometimes simplicity is exactly what you need. V Groove Wall panelling V-Groove or Beadboard is a wall panelling style that creates the illusion of height, with the tall lines giving the space verticality. This design is perfect for floor to ceiling accent wall or to border a room. Tile Wall panelling Tile style wall panelling is built to mimic the look and feel of the very popular large, white, ceramic tiles that are installed often in kitchens and bathrooms, but much sturdier and still moisture resistant. Request a callout now Fill out the form below and one of our carpenters will get in touch with you. Fill out the form below and one of our carpenters will get in touch with you. Special comments INSTANT Estimate your quote Fill out the form below and one of our carpenters will get in touch with you. Fill out the form below and one of our carpenters will get in touch with you. Wall panelling Ireland Wall panelling was historically developed to make stone buildings more comfortable to live in. They insulated a room from the outside cold. Nowadays wood panelling is used for decorative purposes. You can incorporate wood panels into an interior design achieving a sophisticated and clean look. A wood wall panel is usually a flat and single piece of material. It is usually placed at the base of the internal wall or covering it entirely. It can vary in height, thickness and design. To create wall panels we use high quality, durable, hidrofugo (moisture resistant) MDF. Our material and manufacturing process allow us to achieve our pre-made designs, patterns and textures. Wall panelling and Wainscoting Wainscoting, also known as wall panelling, is an excellent attribute to your interior design. We offer four types of panelling to choose from. You can either cover all areas in the house or just one wall of the room. Wainscoting is made from a highly durable material and will last for a very long time. Here’s a few ways you can use wainscoting in your interior design to make a difference. Wainscoting for Hallways A hallway is the first room you will see when you enter a house. If you want to create an aesthetically clean impression of your hallway wainscoting will give it a luxurious and elegant look. Although wainscoting has a traditional feel it is a modern and sophisticated interior design choice. Usually the tone chosen for the panels is white allowing for flexibility when selecting the colours and textures for the rest of the wall. Wainscoting for Staircases Wainscoting is always a stunning addition to a staircase decor. A staircase holds a lot of character in the house through the use of high quality long lasting wood and the intricate designs detailing the balusters. Adding another layer to the staircase character - such as wainscoting - will be striking to look at. Wainscoting can be paired with artwork on the walls or a hand rail of contrasting wood. Choose from our wall panelling styles We supply and fit high quality wall panels for Dublin homeowners. Choose your style and get in touch with us to order your panels today. Wainscoting Living Rooms You can expand the visual space of a living room if you cover one wall of the room with wainscoting. The design of Beadboard panels, which you can find as part of our panelling selection, will visually heighten the walls. The cottage cosiness of the panel pattern will add a country feel to the room. Wainscoting Kids Rooms Decorating a kids room with wainscoting is an elegant way to achieve a fresh and tidy look. You can experiment with the heights of the panels and fun patterned wallpaper or simply paint the walls and use standard height wainscoting. Wainscoting Bathrooms Wainscoting is a graceful and beguiling element of your bathroom decor, especially if you have a bathtub with elaborately decorated feet. You can add a plate rail to a wall panel to increase functionality, such as easy access to bathroom essentials. Wainscoting Dublin Wainscoting panels can last for decades if manufactured and installed correctly. We use high quality, moisture resistant MDF to create wainscoting panels. MDF is a material made by breaking down hardwood into wood fibres. The sheets are then formed by combining the wood fibres with wax and a resin binder under high temperatures and pressure. Do you want a sophisticated and clean look to your home? We will offer the best designs to suit your home decor. Our team of experts will advise you on the size and finishes for your wall panels. As part of our specialty we are happy to offer bunk beds for your kids bedrooms when considering an upgrade. Choose from our wall panelling styles We supply and fit high quality wall panels for Dublin homeowners. Choose your style and get in touch with us to order your panels today. WALL panelling DUBLIN We supply and fit high quality wall panels for Dublin homeowners. Choose your style and get in touch with us to order your panels today. USEFUL PAGES Wall panelling Dublin Wall panelling Prices One of our carpenters will measure, quote, produce and fit your wall panelling. If you have measurements you can use our wall panelling calculator to estimate your costs. Wall panelling Ideas Bedroom panelling a bedroom is a fun experience especially when you are honing in the idea that it is your personal space and you get to decorate it the way that makes you relax and unwind. There are a couple of routes you can go down with wall panelling in your bedroom. Certain choices of wall panelling will require you to pay attention to the details that will determine whether it’s a good choice for the build of your bedroom. Accent Wall with Panels Just like an accent wall decorated with wall paper it is very common to wall panel one of your walls in your bedrooms accentuating the importance of it. Before you do it determine that wall and one of the simplest ways to do that is to decide what wall stands out the most when you walk into your bedroom. Simply put, the first place you turn your head towards when you enter the room will be your feature wall. Normally that wall will be the background host for the centrepiece of the room and in the case of a bedroom it will most likely be the bed. The beauty of an accent wall that has been panelled and painted a darker colour than the rest of the walls in the room will help you accentuate the design of your bed, the headrest and the choice of fabrics on your bed. It can also visually substitute a headrest for your bed meaning that it can become the centrepiece of the bedroom on its own. Accent walls will especially look very attractive in kids room where the bunk bed is placed against it. We have a range of beautiful bunk beds to look at if you click here Pick a style... We deliver high quality wall panels and offer assistance in sizing. Get in touch with us to order your panels today. Traditional Wall Panels The traditional panel height expected at 960mm and colour which is normally white or ivory can do wonders to your bedroom decor. The white colour will visually increase the sense of space and will brighten up the area. It usually creates an airy feeling in a room and a tidy looking effect in a bedroom. You will notice that if this traditional approach paired with a darker wall colour such as navy, it can create a further expansion of visual space in a room. These types of contrasts in colour and texture add to the formation of personality and character. You’ll be able to make that choice based on your personal relaxing preferences. Remember, a bedroom is the space where you would normally recharge your batteries after a long day and a place you first see in the morning. It means that tuning into creating a calming and a pleasant uplifting effect will determine what type of panelling you will prefer. Floor to Ceiling Wall Panels Floor to ceiling wall panelling is usually a home to high ceilings. Have a look at the architecture of your building and think of its style. Tuning into the features of your home it will be easy to determine with floor to ceiling panelling is something that your bedroom is able to pull of as a look. This sort of wall panelling will certainly result in a royal and sophisticated look. You will find that the rest of the decor will bounce off the style of your walls. If you love a quirky and unusual approach and while keeping it traditional and clean, dark and dramatic finishes can be a bold statement to the decor of the bedroom. The exact opposite of that is minimalist approach, evoking romantic feelings in the bedroom through white finishes. Whilst dark colours will help you accentuate all the furniture and decor pieces in the room, white will provide a large surface for light reflection. Both approaches will help you achieve a sleek and designer looking space with traditional features. Wall panelling is a beautiful addition to a home decor and through it’s texture and it’s ability to fit into any style it is a shortcut to creating a personality and charging a space with personality. You't be happy to know that our company specialises in other areas of house renovation. You can upgrade your home or apartment storage heater by getting in touch with our team. We will be happy to assist you with any questions and quotes that you may have. Wall panelling Around Fireplace Choosing a fireplace to be the centrepiece of the room and framing it beautifully is a process that will require a few ideas before you make a decision. Wall panelling around a fireplace is one of the simplest ways to add class and sophistication to the room.Think of the process as framing the fireplace to make it stand out. There are lots of different ways you can frame it through panelled ceiling that will have lines leading the eye to the fireplace. There is a chance of a fireplace being framed by furniture or windows and curtains however today we will focus on how you can frame a fireplace with wall panelling. Traditional Height Wall Panels The simplest and most common way of framing a fireplace is by simply having your room panelled with panels of traditional height and white in colour. It will naturally lead the eye towards the fireplace. For further emphasis, painting the walls a colour that is different to the white panels will make it stand out. If you have a fireplace with elaborate detailing, dark colour walls will help it be seen. Pick a style... We deliver high quality wall panels and offer assistance in sizing. Get in touch with us to order your panels today. Wall panelling the Fireplace If you just take the area of the fireplace where it protrudes from the wall and decide to panel it you will have a simple and flexible result. The flexibility will allow you in the future to install alcove units on either side of the fireplace. The style of the alcove units can will be easily matched to the already existing panels meaning that the design of the room will remain cohesive. Did you know that our team can help you not just with wall panelling your home but with your immersion heater repair. At immersionheater.ie our team will be able to consult you over the phone and organise a callout. Wall panelling the Entire Fireplace Area If you decide to panel the entire wall where the fireplace is positioned, normally you would have the other walls in the room panelled too. High ceilings will be type of perfect in carrying floor to ceiling panelling. There is a possibility of making the fireplace wall a feature wall, the only wall in the room panelled for a dramatic effect. When it comes to design we tend to decorate reflecting our characters, personalities and experiences. Wall panelling can be a way of framing various features in the room and with the likes of a fireplace it can emphasise it’s importance in the room. It is also a chance to refresh the way a fireplace looks in the room. Have you considered a custom made furniture service for your home? Our team at BM Custom Furniture have years of experience in design and cabinet making delivering results accommodating our clients needs and preferences. Kitchen Wall Panels When it comes to wall panelling your kitchen it is a little different to what you would expect when panelling other rooms in your home. However if you’re really into this idea we gathered a few most likely scenarios you’d apply wall panelling in the kitchen. Keep an eye out for textures, colours, patterns and the style that the panels breathe into the space. Wall Panels Instead of Tiles Using wall panels instead of the tiles in the kitchen between the top and bottom cabinets will change the feel of your kitchen in a heartbeat. You will notice that this style will correspond either shabby chic or a country in character. There is a high chance that you would want open shelving or areas uncovered by top cabinets. It will give you an opportunity to install higher wall panels with a shelf at the top of its border for extra storage. The reason we desire to incorporate natural materials in our homes such as wood, marble and concrete isn’t purely because of the stylish look we want to achieve through it. It’s because the abundance of technology in our lives drives us to incorporate nature into our home environment as much as we can. Pick a style... We deliver high quality wall panels and offer assistance in sizing. Get in touch with us to order your panels today. Wall panelling the Kitchen Island The best way to tie in the design of your kitchen is to panel the island in the same pattern as your cabinets. It will create a consistent, timeless and clean look throughout the kitchen. However if you want to be creative and accentuate the island, pick a different pattern when panelling its sides. Consult our panel designs on the homepage to choose from different ideas. The last way to add character to your kitchen is if you panel the island to emphasise the different textures in the kitchen. It could be the case the you’re incorporating tiles or concrete walls and sleek cabinets with a panelled island. It’s another way to make your island stand out in your kitchen. Wall Panels for Open Plan Kitchen and Dining If your kitchen has an open plan that overlooks the dining area, or perhaps it’s a sitting room area, wall panelling is an excellent solution to keep the design consistent. panelling the walls in the dining section of the open plan will separate the two areas without making them look like they are disconnected. The beauty of wall panels is that they create a sense of cosy and warm feeling which is so true to how we all feel about our kitchens. When it comes to picking out the design for the wall panels in this situation, take a look at what style your kitchen leans towards the most. If you get a feeling that it’s more sleek and modern, our flat or raised wall panel designs will fit in most organically and if your kitchen has a country feel to it, you’ll be most successful with beaded wall panels. Did you know that in the midst of renovating your kitchen with wall panels you can give our team a call and have your immersion heater looked at. For more details on it click here These little tips are for you to understand how you can incorporate wall panelling into your kitchen space. It is a beautiful design feature that will always remain timeless. It also helps us to connect to the natural element of our lives through the material of wall panels when surrounded by technology and kitchen appliances. Another way to upgrade the look of your kitchen is to cover your radiators with covers. If you want to order a radiator cover and speak to our designers for custom made styles click here. Wall panelling Trends Wall panels is a way of adding a luxurious and cosy look to your home. It is worthwhile noting that when it comes to trends, it is merely a way of adding a new updated twist to already existing trends. In this article you will see all the different elements that can be added to either update the look of your wall panels or fit a room with new ones. Below you will be inspired and to decorate your home with wall panels and it’s worthwhile mentioning that we offer wall panels that may not be the same but are very close to all of the designs you will find below. Floral Prints and Wall Panels Floral prints are coming back into fashion everywhere. You can notice clothes and shoes with embroidery and floral prints in interior design such as upholstery fabrics and wallpaper. Wallpaper is making a huge comeback and looks fantastic when combined with wall panels. The beauty of wall paper is that it’s a decor in itself, effortlessly filling up the room with colour and warmth and cosiness. If you love busy wallpaper but don’t want to overwhelm the room, white wall panels balance out the abundance of patterns and colour. Pick a style... We deliver high quality wall panels and offer assistance in sizing. Get in touch with us to order your panels today. Lacquered Wall Panel Lacquered wall panels is a simply way to add a wow factor to your room. It is subtle and yet a trendy way to make your room look sleek. There are a few interesting facts about it and the reason we chose to showcase dark wall panels below is because they show off the reflection the best. You can apply that to your white wall panels and the way to do it is to simply order this type of finish. The reflection on the wall panels will help the light to bounce off it and help small rooms struggling with space to visually enlarge them and brighten them up. Wall Panel with Tiles If you love patterned tiling you can rest assured that it will look stunning when paired with wall panels. Since artisan, high quality tiling with unique design are very trendy and will most likely stay that way for a while, you can pair the tile with wall panels, such as a beadboard. A timeless look can be achieved by breaking up the pattern below the panels and accentuating the tiles. The lines of beadboard panels will act as guides by visually leading the eye to the floor. Flat or tile wall panelling are great ways to visually tidy up the space adding a sense of relief when there’s a busy decorative tiling on the floor. Wall Panel and Minimalism The Scandinavian look remains trendy in interior design pushing for minimalism. Rather than exposing the walls with white paint, installing white wall panels will achieve a more chic and sophisticated yet minimalistic look. Whether you want to go all the way up to the ceiling or partially it’s a simple way of dressing up a room by adding a little texture. The reason this concept is still growing is because we strive to get away from our busy lives into a place of simplicity that is our home. A new and fascinating factor of interior designs is achieving Instagram ready decor which is easily attained through minimalist interiors and white wall panels couldn’t be more helpful. Wall panels in kids rooms is a quick way to make them look tidy and clean. If you want to go further and create more space in your kids rooms we suggest you look at our selection of bunk beds Ireland. When it comes to trends it is evident that they change quickly and the most important thing is to add your personal touch to your interior design. With wall panels, long term, you will always have a lot of options to change up the feel and the look of the room through wall colours, wallpaper and the finish of the panels. Did you know that in the process of upgrading the look of your walls you can have your storage heater upgraded to a new and sleek version that will not only blend into the interior decor but will be a way to save on your upcoming electricity bills. Wall panelling Ideas For Living Room Wall panels provide a versatile canvas that can be used to change the style of your room at any time. It is a low maintenance luxury that adds an instant high end touch that gives space a sophisticated feel. Whatever way you decide to decorate your living room using wall panels we came up with a few ideas to help you with your inspiration. Wall Panels and Paint Wall paint above the panels is the easiest way to add to the decor of your room. It’s relatively easy to change the colour of your walls if in the years to come you want to repaint them to refresh the look of your room. Keeping the panels white, as a neutral canvas, will make that change an easy one and will potentially go with every colour of your choice. We compiled a gradient of choices to show you that dark colours aren't necessarily gloomy, white isn’t clinical and pastels are as timeless as greys. All options should be able to contribute to your interior decor, by unifying it and helping the elements in the room to stand out depending on your accents. Pick a style... We deliver high quality wall panels and offer assistance in sizing. Get in touch with us to order your panels today. Wallpaper and Wall Panels In our samples that combine wall panels and wallpaper you can observe that wallpaper contributes to the majority of the room’s decor. By choosing to decorate your walls above the panels with wallpaper you are freeing yourself up from the necessity of putting up pictures on the walls and other accessories. Wallpaper is a decor of its own. It is a simple way to add texture and beauty to the room effortlessly. The presence of wall panels once again add to the sense of sophistication and high class balancing out busy patterns of the wall paper. Even though the two elements are traditional when paired together they achieve a modern and trendy designer look. Dramatic and Contemporary Wall Panles Dramatic and contemporary look says it all. By observing interiors of rooms decorated around dark coloured wall panels it evokes designer a look almost like a magazine spread. When it comes to dark panels, there is a variety of different heights. You can either cover the entire wall or only a section of it. Dark wall panels can be installed as an accent wall depending on your preference and the room’s ability to carry the colour without overwhelming the space. Dramatic wall panels will work well in rooms with lots of natural light containing either large windows or windows from floor to ceiling. High ceilings will carry dramatic wall panels better then lower ceilings due the striking presence of the element that will need more height without overwhelming the room. Dramatic wall panels is a fun and tasteful way to experiment with your interior design and can also be a way to get inspired when looking for ways to express your personality. To get your own customised wall panels click here. A living room incorporates activities such as relaxing, catching up with your family and hosting guests. Wall panels will help you accommodate a feeling of warmth and welcomeness along with a profound relaxing and cosy element sought in a living room. Having these ideas in mind you now know that wall panels are flexible and will be able to adapt to every style you may have in mind. Our company has lots of experience working for commercial projects and if you're looking to get your business exhibited at a trade show consider our service in exhibition stand design. Wall panelling Ideas For Bathroom Wall panelling works everywhere and it’s the easiest way to achieve a look that is simple, tidy and sophisticated. Designing your bathroom you may think that wall panels will only work in large spaces but we’re here to show you that there are many ways you can use wall panels to design a bathroom. Two Tone Wall Panels It may seem like a courageous choice to style your bathroom using dark colours. Wall panels give an opportunity to indulge in dark colours only partially. You can observe how dark walls combined with white wall panels give a bathroom a luxurious, high end look. Similarly when choosing a dark finish for the wall panels it looks sleek. You will notice how dark wall panels make bath tubs, sinks and faucets pop off creating an instant designer look to the bathroom. Pick a style... We deliver high quality wall panels and offer assistance in sizing. Get in touch with us to order your panels today. Neutral Wall Panels If jumping to extremes isn’t something you want to do just yet but still want a little bit of colour in your bathroom, neutral options may be the way to go. Neutral can be anything from pastel colours, we find teal works well in the bathroom, to greys and whites. Get inspired by looking at how you can either paint the walls or finish wall panels in colour. If you want to keep it simple and avoid much colour you can tone your walls in grey and leave the panels white. This will end up looking just as calm and refreshing as pastels colours. Wall Panels and Wallpaper Wall panels and wallpaper are trending and it’s because it’s an effortless way to make a place look traditional, sophisticated and modern. Adding wall paper and picking up the colour from the likes of tiling and shower curtains is a simple way to decorate a bathroom. Busy patterns are no longer old fashioned and dark colours give the walls a visual expansion of the space. If you absolutely love wallpaper then wall panels are the saviour of this idea to make sure it doesn’t overkill the bathroom with a busy motifs. In our inspirational samples you can see how you can tastefully match wall panels with wall paper and tiles. Such rich mixture of texture and pattern will always be a reflection of character and a unique and personal touch in interior design. Wall Panels and Tile This is a unique decorative feature you don’t see a lot. Installing wall panels with a line of tiling on top of it is a delicate way to add a personal touch to the room. The tiles can be of a neutral colour to give you flexibility should you wish to change the colour of your walls in the future. Depending on what look you want to achieve as a result, tiles will contribute to a coastal look especially when combined with beaded wall panels. The reflective effect of the tiles will catch the light and add a little bit of glamour and playfulness to the room. All White Wall Panels If you’re striving towards simplicity and minimalism, we compiled a set of images to showcase how you can combine white walls and wall panels in order to achieve a stylish and luxurious design. White on white at first may seem like a boring idea but if you look at how you can add contributing elements like an authentic towel rack or a wooden door where the idea of less is more comes into play. Just like with dark colours that make elements of interior decor pop off them for impact, white colour can accommodate much more flexibility. You can dress up a room that has white wall panels and white walls with pretty much anything you want. The beauty of it is that this tonal choice is very flexible and will always remain timeless. panelling a bathroom will allow you to unify the bathroom decor into a cohesive and matching design. Wall panels will act as a relief in places where there is too much colour or pattern or as an accentuating feature where you want to show off a centre piece. Keep in mind that panelling can be installed at any height taking into consideration fixtures, windows and other design elements of the room.

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Newcastle Road, Lucan Auburn Green, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin Newlands Grove, Knockmeenagh Road, Newlands, Clondalkin, Broadfield Manor , Drive, Rathcoole, Co. Dublin Dunluce, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4 Fairways, Cualanor, Fairways, Cualanor, Dun Laoghaire The Stables, The Rise, Mount Merrion, Co. Dublin Clonbern, Clonbern, Castleknock, D Grosvenor Lane, Rathmines, Dublin 6 White Pines, Stocking Avenue, Rathfarnham, The Forge, Lusk Fitzwilliam Quay, Fitzwilliam Quay, Dublin 4 St. Helens, Adamstown, Lucan, Co. Dublin Amberley, Amberley, Stillorgan Park Avenue, Blackrock, Aideen Place, Aideen Place, Terenure, Dublin Fairways, Carrickmines Manor , Carrickmines, Shandon Wood, Monkstown Sycamore Grove, Grove Road, Glasnevin, Newpark , St Helens, Adamstown Semple Woods , Donabate, Co. Dublin New Priory, New Priory, Donaghmede Eustace Court, Eustace Court, Dun Laoghaire Castlechurch, Castlechurch, Newcastle, Co. Dublin Limekiln Manor, Limekiln Road, Greenhills, Dublin 12 Wilkin's Court, Wilkin's Court, Limekiln Lane, Walkinstown, Dublin 12 Beresford , Donabate, Co. Dublin The Nurseries, The Nurseries, Taney Road, Dundrum Parkside, Parkside, Balgriffin, Dublin 13 Shackleton Park, Shackleton Park, Lucan Marianella, Marianella, Rathgar, Dublin 6 Albany, Albany, Killiney Hill Road, Killiney Hazel Manor , Strand Road, Portmarnock, Tullyhall, Tullyhall Drive, Lucan Morehampton Lane, Donnybrook, Dublin 4 Belarmine Woods, Belarmine Woods, Stepaside Citywest Village, Citywest Village, Citywest Tramyard Exchange, Tramyard Exchange, Dublin 8 Belltree, Belltree, Clongriffin, Dublin 13 Newlands Grove, Knockmeenagh Road, Newlands, Clondalkin, Beckett, Crosthwaite Grove, Crosthwaite Grove West, Dun Laoghaire Phase 2 Castle Vernon, Dollymount Avenue, Clontarf Whitethorn, Feltrim Road, Kinsealy, Co. Dublin Broadfield Manor , The Grange, Rathcoole, Co. Dublin Barnageeragh Cove, Skerries, Co. Dublin Cedarview, Cedarview, Santry, Dublin 9 Daneswell Place , Botanic Road, Glasnevin, Dublin 11 The Links, The Links, Ballygossan Park, Golf Links Road, Skerries, Co. Dublin Barnwell Woods, Hansfield, Clonsilla, Dublin 15 Carraig Bui, Johnstown Road, Cabinteely, Dublin 18 Ardsolus, Ardsolus, Brownsbarn, Kingswood, Citywest, Fairborne, Templeville Park, Templeogue, Dublin 6w Embassy Court, Ballsbridge, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4 Rockville, Glenamuck Road, Carrickmines, Fairhaven, Fairhaven, Castleknock, Dublin 15 Castlefield Hall, Clonsilla, Dublin 15 Hamilton Park, Hamilton Park, Castleknock, Dublin 15 Inglenook Wood, Inglenook Wood, Carrickmines St Pancras , Terenure, Dublin 6 Sandyford Village, Sandyford, Dublin 18 Ashfield Place, Templeogue Village, Templeogue Proby Square, Carysfort Avenue, Blackrock, Condor, Church Road, Killiney Taylor Hill, Balbriggan, Co. Dublin Cuil Duin, Citywest, Rathmill Manor, The Grange, Rathcoole White Pines, Stocking Avenue, Rathfarnham Stillorgan Gate, Upper Kilmacud Road, Stillorgan Royal Canal Park, Ashtown Castleknock Cross, Beechpark Avenue, Castleknock Stepaside Park, Stepaside, Dublin 18

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