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The Under stairs area of your home is that awkward extra space that doesn’t always lend itself to an easy storage solution. That being said, because of its’ awkward shape, exploiting it by choosing a bespoke solution can become a good opportunity to design and create great storage. There’s always some amount of usable space under that stairs, so take full advantage to create storage for shoes, bags and other everyday essentials. Traditionally, enclosing the area with a studded partition with a door is what you might expect from under stairs areas. However, this solution often ends in the area becoming cluttered and impossible to organise. Therefore we like to design and create modular cabinets, that when fitted, form a precise fitted under stairs storage solution. Maximising your space allows the removal of clutter from other areas of the home.

Each under stairs storage unit is specifically designed to your exacted space and we work with you to design the type of storage solution that suits you. This could be a selection of cabinets for hanging coats or an entire unit with drawers for the sole purpose of storing shoes. Alternatively, if it’s more display space you're after, this is the perfect spot.

Having a well-designed and fitted storage area under your stairs can be a huge benefit and transforms the effectiveness of the space and create the aesthetic look of a well-organised home

We work to provide you with the most up to date and modern bespoke storage solutions for all of our clients around Ireland.

So, whether you want extra space to display your odds and ends, extra clothing storage or simply extra filling space, there are tons of different creative storage options available to take full advantage of that extra area that most two-story houses have. 

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Why BM Custom Furniture?
This is what our customer think about our bespoke Staircase Storage units: 

Jennifer from Malahide

''Extremely happy with both the service and design of the furniture that Barry made for me. Highly recommend this company!!!!!!!!!!''

Michelle lives in Ratoath

''Barry, BM Custom Furniture, made and installed radiator covers, understair storage and wall panelling for us. We genuinely couldn't have been happier with the service received. We found Barry extremely realible, professional and simply a pleasure to deal with. We have also received lots of compliments on the work completed and friends and family have also gotten work done by Barry after seeing ours. We would have no hesitation in recommending BM Custom Furniture. ''

1 staircase storage ideas 2 staircase storage unit 3 staircase storage solutions 4 staircase storage design 5 staircase storage basket 6 staircase storage bunk bed 7 staircase storage drawers 8 staircase storage box 9 staircase storage ikea 10 staircase storage shelves 11 staircase storage doors 12 staircase storage space 13 staircase storage images 14 staircase storage area 15 staircase storage room 16 staircase storage under 17 staircase storage ireland 18 storage staircase plans 1 under staircase storage 2 under staircase storage design 3 under stairs storage systems 4 under stairs storage solutions 5 under stairs storage ikea 6 under stairs storage uk 7 diy under stairs storage 8 under stairs storage closet 9 under spiral staircase storage 10 under staircase wine storage 11 under curved staircase storage 12 under stairs closet storage 13 images of under staircase storage 14 storage under staircase feng shui In order to maximise your space all our under stairs units are custom made specifically for each house we visit. The pull out drawers and tall angled cabinets are fitted side by side turning your awkward under stairs space into easy to access storage. Store a variety of household items including vacuum cleaners, shoes, bags, cleaning products, wine, tools and many more items. All our understairs units are delivered with fully wipeable interiors for easy maintenance and cleaning. Donabate Attic Storage The space under the eaves of the house are utilised to great effect in this attic room. The increasing depth of the storage takes into account the slope of the roof maximising the use of the space available while the doors in the middle allow for storage of larger items. Clifftonville multi drawer under stairs After the attic stairs went in to the house there was a particularly tall area where the client wanted to store blankets, towels and kids clothes. This accordian inspired unit was just the ticket to fully utilise the space Fosterbrook under stairs The kids were the prority in this under stairs design. Four school-going kids all with different sports equipment as well as school bags, shoes and jackets led us to this pull out larder style solution. Parle understairs With so much space available this under stairs collection of units incorporated storage for everything, from the angled drawers up to full height hanging and ironing board presses. Castleknock under stairs With this super sized under stairs there was loads of space to accommodate presses with file shelving and hanging for coats. All this plus the regular three drawer unit. A serious storage solution! Clonsilla two Drawer The regular three drawer unit didnít suit for the items that needed to be stored in this modern hallway. We custom made a deeper second drawer to take up the space of two drawers in order to accommodate the clientís needs. Goatstown under stairs Another classic three door understairs with a tall press for coats! Irregular 2 drawer understairs When we opened up this understairs area we found there were pipes from the downstairs toilet snaking into the space. We fitted the tall second drawer over these pipes and attached grooved drawer fronts to desguise what was happening behind. Kitchen under stairs 3 drawer Killiney The existing door under the stairs made for a black hole type situation where everthing was stuffed in and impossible to retrieve. The 3 drawer understairs unit allows for the space to be pulled out into the kitchen with everything easily accessible. We added a piece of plaster board to cover the hole left behind from the peviously existing door. A lick of paint and it was brand new again. Orignal 3 Drawer under Stairs The classic three drawer under stiars units. These drawers fully utilise the under stairs space allowing you to bring the space out in to the hallway avoiding the unenviable task of rummaging around an arkward space. Phoenix under stairs storage The specific needs of the client were first sketched up in our 3D design software. Space was at a premium in this small cottage and the existing washing machine had to be incorporated. After building a stud wall our fitted solution hides everything discreetly behind push button doors. Pim Street Understairs A hand painted under stairs storage solution that utilises all of the available space nicely. No more rummaging in dark arkward spaces. Regular 2 Drawer under stairs Standard three drawer under stairs unit Swords under stairs The return understairs The single drawer Hockey mom understairs This custom made under stairs was completely designed with the specific needs of a busy household with four schoolgoing kids. The final result gives all the kids a place for their coats, bags and sports equipment asa well as a spot for the hoover Secret under stairs storage This custom made under stairs was completely designed with the specific needs of a busy household with four schoolgoing kids. The final result gives all the kids a place for their coats, bags and sports equipment asa well as a spot for the hoover Under Stairs Storage We are the Dublin furniture experts. We can design and make your dream under stairs storage units. GET A QUOTE TODAY Every home with a staircase has a hollow space that can be used as a storage or a decorative space. Discussing under stairs storage units we’d like to mention one thing first: It is important to decide what you want to make out of the potential unused space. We have seen under the staircase areas where people have transformed the area into both storage and decorative purposes. So before we dive into the details on how we can strategically utilise the available space, try and think about what you really want it for. Whether it’s extra storage, a decorative space or a compromise between the two we’ll educate you on all the different routes you can take in its pursuit. Get Free Quote Under Stairs Storage Unitsapprox. €2740 fitted Stairs Storageapprox. €4000 fitted Small Drawers Under Staircaseapprox. €1760 fitted Illuminated Under Stairway Storage Unitsapprox. €2460 fitted Under Stairs Storage Units Let’s cover the first query that we came across when researching this subject in depth online. You are bound to wonder if this type of storage is fire safe and whether its construction is safe to use too. Storing items underneath the staircase is like storing anything in your house. Be mindful and careful not to provoke any unnecessary actions that are flammable ensuring safety. The structure of the staircase is safe to have storage underneath. The construction is simple and if built properly the underneath area safe to use. With this in mind, designing the your new storage be sure to consult with your carpenters or cabinet makers. They will assess the structure and make sure it is suitable for your desired purpose. Having said that we can proceed in discussing the rest of the elements on this subject. Similar to walk in wardrobes and any other storage you’ll have to reassess what the items that you own, their purpose and importance. Decluttering the hallway by eliminating the outwear means that you’ll need a particular type of interior shelving. Access the size of the hallway and decide what is the best door solution. Doors such as pull outs, hinged or sliding will determine the type of interior storage. Make Your Wardrobe With Us Highest quality materials (certified hidrofugo® moisture resistant MDF, plywood, veneers and solid woods) yes Highest quality finish (PU spray painting in any colour and finish, or staining and lacquering service) yes Our Interior Designer - Vanessa - will advise and work with you at every step yes A great team of cabinet makers with over 80 years of combined experience yes Perfect assembly every time yes Over 120+ happy clients since 2012 yes GET FREE QUOTE Under Stairs Storage Options Take advantage of the exterior of the storage areas. In dark hallways high gloss finishes or mirrored doors can increase the light with their reflective surfaces. TYPES OF DOORS Mirrored doors are practical as you’d be able to observe your reflection just before walking out the door. Mirrors visually expand the area. It will not only seem bigger but will be practical, beautiful and timeless. According to your overall style of the home and in particular the ground floor you can bring in creativity. Different types of colours and wood finishes will breathe the air of mid century styled home. It is a creative solution dressing up the interior of the hallway. BM Custom Furniture approach allows you to create something unique. This means that you can make your hallway look stylish, tidy and attractive. CLOSED STORAGE SHELVING After establishing the purpose for the storage and the type of doors you’ll be able to pick out your interior shelving. Consider anything such as coats, wine, appliances and books. Tall boy with a rail to hang all the outwear Pull out shoe racks for footwear Drawers for hats, gloves, scarves and other accessories Staircase Cupboardsapprox. €1900 fitted Luxury Mirror Cupboardsapprox. €4000 fitted Under Stairs Shelving & Cabinets If the storage area you’re planning to build is deep or located in a dark area it is highly advisable to install lighting. We offer flexible LED lighting that will help you navigate your items. LED lights have many different spectrums. According to the type of wall decor and the surrounding furniture you can pick the best colour of the LED lights. The installed light should be able to bring out true colours in your clothing or other items. OPEN SHELVING If decorative purpose of the space underneath the staircase is your main priority then let’s walk through the process of making it beautiful. Open shelving such as bookshelves, floating shelves and boxes will be a creative addition to demonstrate your styling skills. It is always a way to add character to the hallway through your love of art, history, hobbies and other interests. There are many ways to creatively decorate this space. Painting the back wall a darker colour can increase the feeling of depth and help the items stand out against the background. Emily Henderson, an interior designer, produced an informative guide on how to style your bookshelves. We recommend you to give it a quick read. Get Free Quote traditional under stairs storageapprox. €1750 fitted staircase shelving ideasapprox. €2400 fitted Let us build your dream wardrobe. ENQUIRE NOW (01) 430-1253 Cupboards Underneath The Stairs A playroom is the least explored option for the unused space underneath a staircase. Imagine having all your kids toys stacked in a room downstairs. A dedicated space where you can store all sorts of children’s toys sounds magical. Under the stairs playroom will be an exciting addition in a child’s life. It will be like a treehouse or a little fort for them to play in. Watch out for the depth of the available space. If your staircase is wide you’ll be lucky enough to have a spacious playroom. Make sure to install plenty of lighting both ceiling and floor lights. This aids to creation of different types of atmospheres for different purposes. Lastly, decorate the walls in an attractive way so that your kid would look forward to their adventures in it. There are many variations on how you can transform the area underneath the stairs: Once you start using that space you will see that your hallway looks beautiful and tidy. You will have space to purchase a seat to use for putting on the shoes. You can also install a beautiful antique or vintage decorative console unit with a mirror above it. Using up this space liberates you to create a beautiful and streamlined home. Researching this topic and basing our assumptions on our previous clients we can confidently conclude that it is a worthwhile investment. pull out drawers in cupboardsapprox. €2100 fitted Bespoke Step Bookcasesapprox. €1950 fitted How Much Will It Cost You? To determine the price of a unit like that we will need to take into account the following things: Measurements Design Materials Labour (Assembly and Installation) Finishes (Spray Paining / Wood Staning / Lacquering and optionally Lighting) To make sure the clutter is gone for good, you’ll have to think about your decluttering strategy and design the unit to suit the space. This article focuses on decluttering homes one room at a time. Have fun with your new project. We are a team of experienced designers and cabinet makers that are here to assist you should you wish to proceed with the project. Home Storage BM Custom Furniture offer an affordable range of custom built, under stairs storage and attic storage solutions. Specifically designed to fit and utilize, all the awkward and empty spaces in your home. Be it under stairs or dormer attic spaces. All our home storage units, can be designed to meet your individual requirements and can be used to store a variety of items. Such as coat hanging, shoe racks, sports equipment to name a few. Storage Solutions For All Situations. Although we specialise in under stairs and attic home storage. We pride ourselves in our choice and flexibility. So if you would like to utilise any space in your home. You can contact us through our online web form or phone us with your measurements. We will then get back to you with a no obligation quote, for a quality storage solution. Then, if you are happy with the design and price. We will arrange a time for us to call, to take our own final measurements before starting to build your storage solution. All of our installations are undertaken by our neat and professional fitters. And may take anything from two hours to one day. With as little disruption to you as possible. Each of our units is tailor made, especially for your staircase. We do not mass produce our drawers. We ensure that every bit of space under your stairs is utilized. With a choice of installations depths ranging from 300mm – 800mm. You choose the finish depending on your budget. Our base price units are built in MDF and are all primed white on the outside. We also supply these same units. In a professionally sprayed finish and in a colour of your choice. We generally recommended the spray finish, as it gives a more durable and washable finish. 15 of the Most Genius Things People Have Done with the Space Under Their Stairs There's so much potential! image BY JESSICA LEIGH MATTERN APR 19, 2017 image Wondering if there's a way to make use of that empty space under your staircase? You can transform this overlooked area into a place for your pet to snooze, a cozy reading nook, a fun playhouse for the kids, and more! Get inspired by these creative ideas. 1 Dog House image BANNISTER CUSTOM HOMES Give your beloved pet a cozy place to hang out with this cute idea. See more at Bannister Custom Homes. 2 Playhouse image THRIFTY & CHIC Transform a basement corner into an imaginative place for kids to play. See more at Thrifty & Chic. 3 Reading Nook Save Southern Living Super cute reading nook under the stairs | Southern Living 5K+ Lane CrabtreeDecorate > NOOKS, NICHES & BUILT-INS Fill it with plush pillows and a blanket, and you'll never want to leave. 4 Pet Kennel image ETHAN ABRAMSON Keep your pets out of trouble when they're at home alone with this neat space designed just for them. See more at Ethan Abramson. 5 Home Office image SAGE DESIGN STUDIO, INC. You don't need to give up a bedroom to have your own private home office. See more at Sage Design Studio, Inc. 6 Bookshelves image LEVEL BUILDING PROJECTS Showcase your collection of books, knick knacks, or antiques with this smart storage solution. See more at Level Building Projects. 7 Pantry Save Kitchn We love this brilliant use of space from the real-world kitchen of Shawna Mullarkey, who turned an unutilized coat closet under her staircase into a smart, organized, and pretty pantry. Even if you don't have found space under the stairs (or if you just lack stairs entirely!), there are still some ideas here you can apply to your own pantry. 842 The KitchnSmart Kitchen Organization If your kitchen cabinets don't offer enough room for your cookware and food storage needs, then consider this inventive idea. 8 Wine Cellar image While many homeowners shell out a ton of money to install an expensive basement wine cellar, you can skip the hassle (and high cost) with this clever hack instead. See more at Houzz. 9 Library Save from Home of Toronto furniture-maker Bruce Lynn & wife Karyn Freedman. Photo by Kristin Sjaarda for The Marion House Book 62K+ Allison WShelf space Perfect for bookworms, you'll feel delighted every time you walk by and see the shelves filled with your favorite reads. 10 Coat Closet Save Useful space under the stairs 50K+ Susan desusan Make your entryway feel larger by eliminating the need for a bulky, protruding armoire and install a sleek coat closet under your stairs instead. 11 Drawers image TOM STRINGER DESIGN PARTNERS Use these extra compartments for whatever your family needs, like a place to store craft supplies, sports equipment, or kitchenware. See more at Tom Stringer Design Partners. 12 Seating Area image BUFF STRICKLAND Take a cue from Joanna Gaines and use this spot to create a relaxing mini-library, just for you! Or if your home doesn't have a formal living room, you can also use it as an area to host guests and relax with friends. See more from Chip and Joanna Gaines' Magnolia House B&B. 13 Powder Room image COURTESY OF MY BESPOKE ROOM LTD. With just enough space for a sink and toilet, this nook easily transforms into a small bathroom. See more at My Bespoke Room Ltd. 14 Mudroom Storage Save Hometalk thanks to everyone for voting on the hottest project featuring terrific remodelers, remodeling, part of Case Design Remodeling s multi functional remodel including this under staircase reading nook in McLean Va 6K+ Emily HaughMaking a House a Home Installing cubbies, hooks, and shelves is the easiest way to upgrade this area into a storage unit, which is perfect for housing kids' jackets, school supplies, and sports equipment. 15 Wet Bar image COURTESY OF CORTNEY BISHOP For the homeowner that loves to entertain, impress your guests with a bar nestled just beneath the stairs. It beats a simple bar cart any day!

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