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Angela Rose @angelarosehome 

To create this accent wall panelling, pieces of wood have been nailed to the wall in 30 and 60-degree angles, and spray painted. Rose got the bed frame from Ikea (Kopardal). From Target she got the Nate Berkus bedding, and the throw is Opalhouse from Target. Courtesy of @angelarosehome
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Angela Rose began making furniture as a creative vent to ease her mind and provide a sense of government. For the past 10 years, the enterprise has provided her with emotional relief while nursing two boys with autism. Since then, she and her spouse purchased a home in Las Vegas, Nevada, and she started practising her skills to the 2,600-square-foot, four-bed, three-bath residence. She proves that with a little bit of willpower, anything can be done.

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Lindi Vanderschaaf  @love_create_celebrate

Lindi Vanderschaaf and her spouse, Russel, moved into an outdated hip roof home in Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada, that they affectionately call "green acres." They are slowly changing the house that Russel's parents built. Lindi now puts together the ideas and selects tile, fabric, and paint swatches to design a "casual, modern vibe."

Russel mom happened to be downsizing at the same time that they were looking for more space for their children. He made a few drawings showing the home looking like a modern property instead of a barn, and she was sold. Lindi added some character to the living room window recess with a lumbar pillow she sewed from a cheap shirt.

Erin Conway @kismet_house 

Though her style is ever-evolving, Erin Conway seems most at home in minimalist surroundings with a fresh, cosy, and laid-back aesthetic. As with most home improvers, she has no professional training, but she puttered around with design since she was very young and gradually shifted into assisting friends and family furnish their spaces in her early twenties. She began her Instagram adventure to gain traction for creating a design company and working on her first home. It made sense to document the journey with this house as well, though she never anticipated it becoming a full-time career. Her 2,000-square-foot Pacific Grove home is a go-to on Instagram for streamlined Cali style. Teeming with earth tones and textures, it’s a peaceful getaway that came together naturally. "Truthfully, I was out of my element when we bought the home," she says. "Learning to embrace and understand the home’s modern design needs was an incredibly maturing experience in my design education. Now, the ultimate vision is to create a warm and timeless modern look, that will perhaps go out of mainstream trend but never feel tired or dated." 
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LauraSima @simaspaces 

In April 2016, Laura and Josh Sima began work on their "fixer upper" in St. Paul, Minnesota. With Josh’s know-how in electrical, plumbing, and carpentry, and Laura's design skills, they work together to manage over 90 per cent of the job themselves. They have full-time careers—she’s a pediatric ICU nurse, while he is the manager of an environmental business. Featured here their open plan walk-in wardrobe connecting bathroom and bedroom.

One of the tips Laura leaves us with is: "Take inspiration from trends, but do not copy them—create your own version that you love and that will stand the test of time." 

Julia Marcum | @chrislovesjulia

Julia Marcum became a celebrated home improver on Instagram when she and her husband, Chris, began working on their five-bed, three-bath primary home in a small, country town in Idaho. Now, she’s working on an A-frame home in the Palisades on the Idaho-Wyoming border, about an hour from their home. For their main residence, the couple sought to create a comfortable, casual, and beautiful place for the entire family to enjoy—which meant no off-limits rooms for their three daughters and large Bernese Mountain dog.
The kids' bedroom features a fitted Bahama sheet and duvet from Wayfair, a deer pillow from the Pillow Cover Store on Etsy, insulated velvet curtains from Amazon, a single Ink + Ivy Arcadia natural dining stool as a nightstand.

Courtesy of @chrislovesjulia
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