Do: Green interior!

Green gives peace and harmony and has a positive influence on your state of mind.
An ideal colour for the interior - whether on the wall, as decoration or pure nature.
A selection of the most beautiful greenery.

Choose the right paint

Inspiring green.

The Colourtrend range includes the elusive colours of the Irish landscape: simple and mysterious, everyday and precious. From the hues of Ireland’s earth and sky and waters, to its wild flora and native fauna. Today you’ll find your perfect colour among the vast and ever-growing range of Colourtrend’s Irish-inspired collections. They have 35 variations of green paint available. Surely one will match your living room perfectly.

There is comfort in Green:

The Rutland: 3 Piece Corner sofa is a perfect example of playing with green in the living room.
Playfully complimented with yellow pillows with dear pattern.  Although also available as a seat and two and three seat sofa, a corner sofa may be a sensible way to maximise a small living space. A corner couch will accommodate between five and seven individuals comfortably and may be slotted nicely within the corner of the lounge, freeing up further space for other furniture items or possessions. they're ideal for big families or those who wish to entertain guests, as they allow many people to be sitting comfortably in a very small area. The arrangement of the furniture is ideal for close conversation between friends and an ideal space for cuddling up with the kids.

The urban jungle trend

Echoing the well-preserved architecture of this Belle Époque house, Anouk Taeymans created the ultimate green home from the ground floor. If architect designs Anouk houses, but now she also takes care of their decor. She picked up her own apartment in a personal way, with white as the basic color. Each of the three rooms has a different atmosphere. The connection between the different rooms has been retained by the many incoming light.

Jungle vibe
The seating area consists mainly of sleek furniture. The dining room has something playful. For the color palette Anouk was inspired in this room by the beautiful shades from the stained glass. 'I think it's very important to make the original elements stand out in a home like this. They determine the charm of the house to a considerable extent. ' 

Finally, there is the front room where the bed stands and where Anouk wanted to create a 'jungle vibe' with rattan furniture and a nice collection of plants. "The urban jungle trend was introduced a few years earlier in the Scandinavian countries than here in Belgium", says Anouk. 'In Norway, where I worked for a number of years, I took my first steps towards greener living, because I did not have experience with plants. However, I quickly realized that beautiful, preferably large ones could give a home a lot of character. It became part of my work. More and more customers are asking for a greener interior. ' 

Anouk takes the time to find out which plants you can keep in condition with relatively little care and which types of air purification. 'I particularly take the latter into consideration when I decorate a home for a family with children.'

Old leaves
To enjoy the many plants at home, Anouk has to learn. "As a child, I thought it strange that my mother loved working in the garden. Meanwhile, I experience myself that I can empty my head while watering the plants, repotting them and removing old leaves. And it's a great feeling when I notice that that effort, however small, is paying off."  • photography via dwell.

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